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Winter Woodland Theatre - Name that scene contest and draw

Please review contest rules and regulations then complete and submit the form below by 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2021 to enter the contest and draw.

Enter your guesses below!

Scene 1

Scene 1: Two snowpeople wearing hats and jackets look for someone or something.

Scene 2

One snowperson with red hair and luggage sits in front of a house with green shutters

Scene 3

One hairy snowperson sits atop tall buildings holding a small rabbit.

Scene 4

One snowperson in fancy dress poses with a cane in front of gates with “W” on them.

Scene 5

One snowperson leans over a balcony while another climbs a tree and lifts its face toward the other. Love is in the air.

Scene 6

Two snowpeople dance, one wears their shirt open and has short, dark hair and one wears a skirt and top with lighter, longer hair.

Scene 7

One snowperson wearing a blue dress is at a window, and another hovers outside in the air wearing a tunic and cap. A tiny fairy flies in the air.

Scene 8

Two snowpeople stand on a roof. Both wear vests and hats. One plays a fiddle while the other sings with arms outstretched.

Scene 9

Four snowpeople stand huddled together watching a witch melt into a puddle. One looks like a lion, another a tin man, one wears a dress with red slippers and the last looks like a scarecrow.

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